My Heart’s Pumpin’

My Heart’s Pumpin’ My heart’s pumpin’ to a Jesus Jam As I think of The Great I Am, The Lamb, The Son of Man, The Grand Shepherd Who found this […]

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You Promised; You Assured Me (A Rap Psalm Congregational Worship Version)

You created things by what You had spoken;
The outstretches of space and the depths of the ocean…
All Your creation and You have the same might
As You speak promises and proclamations in my life.

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You Promised; You Assured Me (A Rap Psalm)

O, Son of Man, help me trust everything You tell me.
You’re the Living Word; may Your Truth overwhelm me.
You took my sorrow, pains, and problems to Your Cross.
You delivered me from being storm tossed.

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So Much More!

We expected You
To establish Your Righteousness…
To bring forth Your Deliverance,
Not knowing for us, You came to die.
You are so much more
Than we could ever imagine.
The Lion of Judah became the Lamb for our sin…
Salvation for nations, God Most High.

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They Make it Through Somehow…Sort of..

Do you know that people without God…without Jesus…make it through somehow? Even through some real messed up stuff! There’s the bottle, clubbing, secular music, secular  entertainment, supportive people, self-help books, […]

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Call on Him, Now

Nothing like the Blood of Jesus
To save you from sin.
Nothing like Jesus’ Power
To make you born again.
Nothing like the Healing
That flows from His Hand
And it’s for you, right now.
Call on Him, now!

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In Yeshua

We are redeemed;
We are paid for with a price.
We’ve been made free
By His powerful sacrifice.

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