Bio: Jaron Haney is an artist with a mission. He has been beat-boxing and rapping since he was a child. Talent shows, at school, on the bus, everywhere he went he sought the opportunity to compete or perform. From the very beginning he believed it was a gift from God and wanted to do something with it. But that changed when he discovered the Messiah. On July 24, 1994, Y’shua (Jesus) revealed Himself to this Jewish man, and Jaron received the gifts of eternal life, joy, and peace. He was transformed. As a result of the inner change that had taken place, Jaron threw away over a hundred of his songs because they were offensive to the God he had come to love more than all else. Jaron was uncertain that God could use rap, and wondered whether he had wasted his life pursuing such a thing. But God gradually changed his attitude, and little by little showed him just how valuable the gift was. Now Jaron seeks to use his gift to the glory of his Creator, and to share it with anyone who cares to listen. Jaron grew up when hip-hop was in its infancy, so the influences are many, spanning decades. But the lyrical element is where his music shines. Jaron’s songs are the product of a man who understands where he was before he met God. The songs focus on the awesome majesty, holiness, and love of God for sinful, broken man, and seek to give to Him the worship that is His due. Often using Hebrew words and phrases to declare God’s glory, Jaron strives to use his music and to draw others into intimate worship of Y’shua Ha-Mashiach, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and to communicate God’s love to the lost and broken. Written by Peter Dickson.

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