My Heart’s Pumpin’

My Heart’s Pumpin’

My heart’s pumpin’ to a Jesus Jam

As I think of The Great I Am, The Lamb, The Son of Man,

The Grand Shepherd Who found this lost sheep that ran

Pulled him out of destruction so this sheep could stand

In awe of what I saw that brought me vision.

My Messiah came to die for my life and now we’re both risen.

So I raise my hands to His Majesty;

My Savior and King Who radically set me free!

Free at last; as the years pass, it becomes more clear

Yeshua, my First Love, Your love is like a vast frontier

Filled with lillies, beauty, and a sweet fragrant atmosphere

Expanding before my eyes made by The One Who engineered

The field before me filled with Abba’s warmth.

The winds blow, but it’s not a storm.

The sweet breeze of The Holy Spirit and His sound like a lyric

Singing sweet Victory Songs.  Oh how I can hear it! (Selah.)

(Instrumental Bridge)

My heart’s pumpin’

To Your Love and Instruction!

My heart’s pumpin’

To Your flow of Lovin’!

My heart’s pumpin’.

Trouble basically falls away!

My heart’s pumpin’.

The overflow of Your Heart has filled me with grace by faith.

My heart’s pumpin’

To the Rhythm of my Ruach HaKodesh!*

My heart’s pumpin’

The Holy Spirit causes my heart to be refreshed!

My heart’s pumpin’

With Your Holy Fire

My heart’s pumpin’

To reach all with the liberating song of Messiah! (Selah.)

(Instrumental Bridge)

My heart’s pumpin’

And the beat goes on!

My heart’s pumpin’

Past the break of dawn, you know it’s on!

My heart’s pumpin’

Won’t stop, plop, or quit!

My heart’s pumpin’

Because of Your Blood shed for it, it won’t quit!

Let Your Victory Song come out slammin’

All the obstacles that are jammin’

The frequency of faith that you search for in each man and

May many lift up holy hands and

Sing The Song of the Redeemed in deep affection and admiration

And worship of The Captain of Our Salvation.

The God of Hope and Encouragement, God of Creation,

To You be all worship and deep adoration.  Amen!


(Written by Jaron Haney. © 2017)

* Ruach HaKodesh (Rū-äkh Hä-Kō-desh) is Hebrew for “The Holy Spirit”.


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