A Healing Message for Wounded Sheep

1 John points out a message that the writers of 1 John heard from Jesus and took the time to declare to us by The Holy Spirit: God is light and in Him is no darkness at all. If you dive into the original language of 1 John (Greek), it is abundantly clarified that not even one particle (so to speak) of darkness exists in God! John (and those with him) took the time (by The Holy Spirit) to share with us a very important fact. Those who are walking in fellowship with the very One Who has no evil in Him…no darkness at all…are going to reflect His Personality and purity in their own lives. They might trip up from time to time, but darkness is by no means their lifestyle…at all.
We discover something deeper still! Those who walk in darkness don’t have fellowship with God or even know Him! Wow! That means that God had nothing to do with the hurts that were inflicted on those who got so deeply wounded.

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